B.A.C.M Ltd was set up in 2003 as a Social Enterprise group led by Margaret Wilkinson. All were trained artists and had similar goals. Some had similar backgrounds, having experienced mental health and/or disability problems and received support to aid their recovery.

The group’s aim to assist recovery is to alleviate stress and encourage a feeling of well-being, to support excellence, new ideas and diversity within the arts, giving artists the opportunity to develop and increase their potential and abilities.

To achieve this, studio spaces were needed to pursue their careers. The group has grown in numbers over the last two years and set out to explore the possibility of acquiring premises within the Bolton area which could be converted into studios. Finally we have now achieved our aim!

We offer purpose built studio spaces of various sizes, which are fully accessible. Excellent facilities, exhibition and gallery space, workshops and resources. We also have our own café and lounge area.

Our premises are situated in the creative hub area of Horwich. These premises are fully secure with CCTV and entry by personal electronic key.

If you are an artist, designer, craftsperson or a creative person looking for studio space in which to work then contact us at:

Bolton Arts Community Members Ltd
Unit 10 Hampson Street

Ray Biggs
01294 668336

Margaret Wilkinson
01204 4417184

Julia Entwistle

Pat Senior
01204 400487