Droplets of Colour are proud to present our Psychic Artist Dominic Zenden.

Being a spiritualist medium is a way of life for Dominic Zenden. Mediumship has followed Dominic from the early age of just 6, talking with Spirit is as normal for him as it is for us to talk to one another. Reaching out to those who need help though mediumship, connecting the two sides of life together, using his sixth sense to receive information from Spirit.

Dominic specialises in Psychic Mediumship, Spiritual Mediumship and Trance Mediumship. He is open to others needs, always being prepared to listen, help and give spiritual mediumship advice.

Dominic has been using his mediumship to help others for over 25 years, with well over 1000 sittings to his credit, with some remarkable results. Little miracles happen every day normally when you least expect it.

Dominic has a long list of credits to his name including hosting his own Mediumship show on Sky TV, as well as working internationally as a Psychic Medium on Stage and Radio.

Dominic teaches psychic development and Spiritual awareness, holding regular Medium, Psychic and Spiritual workshops. Dominic will travel anywhere in the UK and Europe, arranging to come to your home for a mediumship sitting, psychic party or as an after dinner guest speaker.

To reserve a Private Sitting or Psychic Party or After Dinner Guest Appearance with Dominic, you can call the number below (all calls answered within 24 hours), Dominic will discuss your personally needs.

My website can be found at www.dominiczenden.com. If you wish to email me, the address is: dominic@dominiczenden.com. I can also be contacted by 'phone at 01603 415098 (Office).