This site has been set up so that professional artists can showcase their work and introduce themselves to those who will enjoy and appreciate their efforts. The Internet offers artists the chance to reach a wide range of people. We are providing this site to help in this process. We are a non-profit organisation, that is, we are here to help and support our contributors. All we require is work of a high standard.

Droplets of Colour also wishes to show the relevance of the visual arts to everyone in the community. We are therefore taking part in exhibitions and other events, supporting local charities of all sorts.

The site should display correctly in any Web browser. If you do not have JavaScript (which is very unlikely) then things may look odd, but all images should still be visible.

Pat Senior - Artistic Director, Droplets of Colour
Peter Humphreys - Editor

Pat Senior has her own web site, Visions in Colour.

We strongly recommend the following sites:

The Saatchi Gallery

The Art Cove

Attic Art

Dominic Zenden

We also run a literary site, Authors Incorporated.

Please visit our charity website Inspirations of the Soul

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Would you like to see your photographs printed onto canvas? Then visit the Pictures Direct web site.